MARKS – 25                                                                                    TOPIC – PROBABILITY                                         TIME- 45 MINS


QUE 1) Find the probability of drawing  

             a) 3                                  b)   an even number with an ordinary six faced die.                                                  (2)

QUE 2) A card is drawn at random from a well shuffled pack 52 cards. Find the probability that the card drawn is neither a red card nor a queen.           (2)

QUE 3) Find the probability of throwing ‘9’ with two dice.             (2)

QUE 4) Two dice are thrown once . Find the probability of obtaining :

           i) a total of 6                    ii) a total of 10                iii) same number on both dice           iv) total more than 9                           (4)

QUE 5)  A bag contains 24 marbles , some are green and others are blue. If a marble is drawn at random from the jar , the probability that it is green is 2/3, Find the numbers of blue marbles in the jar.                                   (3)

QUE 6) A lot of 20 bulbs contains 4 defective ones. one bulb is drawn at random from a lot.  What is the probability that this bulb is defective?                (3)

QUE 7) One card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards. Find the probability of getting 

                i) King or queen            ii) a face card               iii) red face card             iv) a jack of hearts.                             (4)

QUE 8)  In a throw of pair of dice . What is the probability of getting a doublet ?    

              a) 1/3      b)   1/6       c) 5/12      d) 2/3                                                  (1)

QUE 9)   The probability of getting a egg from a lot of 400 eggs is 0.035.  The numbers of bad eggs in lot is 

                a) 7                  b) 14                 c) 21                       d) 25                                                        (1)

QUE 10) A bag contains 14 balls of which x are white . If 6 more white balls are added to the bag , probability of drawing a white ball is 1/2. Find the value of x.                (3)