Our target areas are Students, Farmers and Rural people. There is a need of awareness about innovation technology among students from the early age. Farmers need to use technology in their farms to increase production. Rural People are innovative and creative. This hidden talent must get global exposure.

As we are aware about death of farmers due spraying fertilizers manually, a Multipurpose voice controlled robot is designed for the benefits of the farmer. It can spray fertilizers as well as water , it can secure the crop by watching the farm day-night.

School students are normally engaged in academic activities and they are unaware about changing technology advances. Anfosys will conduct seminars, workshops and other promotional activities for the benefits for school students. Anfosys will make them able to choose their career of their own.

Rural people are innovative and imaginative but they don’t have platform to expose it. Anfosys will reach out these areas and make them global.